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Maya Penn is a 17 year old award-winning eco-designer, artist, philanthropist, activist, entrepreneur, animated filmmaker, coder, illustrator, writer and author of You Got This! She has been featured in countless publications such as Forbes, Huffington Post, Seventeen Magazine, Cosmopolitan, The View, NPR,CNN, TIME, Essence Magazine, CBS This Morning with Gayle King, O Magazine, The Steve Harvey Show, Entrepreneur Magazine, Ebony, Black Enterprise, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, and many, many more. Maya has given three TEDTalks and her latest TEDWomen Talk has gone viral worldwide and with almost 2 million views and growing. She is known as the youngest female to do two back-to-back official TEDTalks. Maya has been chosen by Oprah Winfrey as one of her Supersoul 100 influencers. Google has partnered with Maya to speak to girls about coding and computer science at their Made With Code events. Magic Johnson chose Maya to be featured in his 32 Under 32 article series.


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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Amazing People - Louis Tuakli-Mason

Louis Tuakli-Mason Is a 15 year old photographer and creator of LIFE (Life Imagery Foto Events). It's great meeting other young entrepreneurs like me, so I spoke with Louis about his amazing photography and his company LIFE.
Why did you start your photography business?
I have loved photography since I was 8 years old, when I first got the chance to use a camera. I loved taking photos and gradually taught myself how to take good ones. In November 2012, I decided to make a photoblog to show my photos to people around the world, also, I liked the idea of creating a website. In July 2013, I found a local project that was helping young people become young entrepreneurs. After learning of this project, I decided that this would be a brilliant opportunity to drive my passion forward. After writing a business plan, I pitched my idea to 3 local business people from my area, who (thankfully) liked my idea and invested £5000 in me to begin my journey. I started life. I wanted to start a photography business as I love photography and really wanted to drive my passion forward. I have always dreamed of doing something I love and sharing my passion with others, and I guess now, that's what I’m doing!

What are your favorite things to photograph?
My favourite things to photography vary. I love finding shapes and patterns in nature, and capturing people with expressions that reflect how they feel. I wouldn’t say that I  have a favourite subject to photograph, as I feel that would limit me to certain things; as I am young I still need to explore. I love capturing pictures of happiness, peace, the sunrise/sunset. I love taking pictures not only using my Nikon DSLR, but using my phone for instagram, it’s my little photography tool. 

What would you tell other aspiring artists or photographers?
I would tell other aspiring artists and photographers not to give up. Photograph everything and don’t let bad opinions of your work change how you live. Explore and learn your trade as I still am. Remember that art comes in many different shapes and sizes so you should never compare yourself to others as this isn’t what photography is about! Have fun, aspire and achieve, no matter how long it takes you, believe in yourself and you will make it.

View more of Louis' work here:

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